IHP+ Monitoring Round 2016

In 2014 the approach to IHP+ monitoring was changed from centralised data collection from agencies and governments to data being collated at country level by ministries of health for both governments and development partners, with the aim of improving mutual accountability at country level. Whilst this country-based approach was welcomed, the expectation that IHP+ signatories would use the findings to initiate a dialogue and agree how to improve performance has not fully materialized. There remains a need to make mutual accountability processes more effective at influencing behaviour. 

Following discussions within the IHP+ Mutual Accountability Working Group and consultations within the IHP+ Intensified Action Working Group, it was agreed that the 2016 monitoring round of effective development cooperation (EDC) in health will have the following features.


show The IHP+Results Consortium (known as IHP+R) is managing the 2016 monitoring process. What is our approach?

IHP+R will support the process in each participating country through dedicated contact points.  The list of these contact persons for each country can be found here.

All IHP+ signatories have been invited to participate in the current round of monitoring in 2016. Thirty-one countries have committed to participate. Participation is voluntary but encouraged as it is a key commitment in the IHP+ Global Compact. The IHP+Results Consortium (known as IHP+R) is managing the monitoring process. Each country will be supported by a national expert contracted by IHP+R and a senior international expert. The list of participating countries and IHP+R contact persons for each country can be found here.

In addition a helpdesk will be available for any specific questions. The helpdesk can be contacted at helpdesk@ihpplusresults.org

The data will be used for decision-making at country and partner level. Country findings are documented in a country report and synthetized in a global report.

For more information on the IHP+ monitoring framework and the evaluation, please click here.